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The Pipeline Show Clips - June 20th 2017
Final Segment - 7:10 mins
Final Segment: Guy recaps the show, has a message for new listeners and followers, info on an agent and more.
First Segment - 11:15 mins
Intro: Guy sets up the show with the Question of the Night and a look at who is Coming Down the Pipe
Guest 1: 2017 Draft Spotlight: Alexandre Texier - 11:53 mins
Guest 1: He played professionally this past season in France and worked his way into the top 100 for the draft. Alex Texier is in the spotlight to discuss the draft and more, like where he will play next year.
Guest 2 - 2017 Draft Spotlight: Erik Brannstrom - 13:46 mins
Guest 2: An undersized Swedish defenceman who turned heads in the second half of the season, Erik Brannstrom is featured in the Draft Spotlight.
Guest 3 - 2017 Draft Spotlight: Martin Necas - 15:56 mins
Guest 3: The top ranked player from the Czech Republic, Martin Necas shares his thoughts leading into the draft and more.
Guest 4 - 2017 Draft Spotlight: Dylan Samberg - 17:31 mins
Guest 4: After a few weeks of trying, Guy finally lines up an interview with Hermantown high school captain and future UMD Bulldog defenceman Dylan Samberg.
The Pipeline Show: June 20, 2017 - 1:17:33 mins
Coming Down the Pipe: [0:00] - TPS Intro [1:19] - Guy sets up the show with the QoD and a preview of the guest list. [11:11] - 2017 Draft Spotlight: Alexandre Texier. The French prospect played in Grenoble [23:09] - 2017 Draft Spotlight: defenceman Erik Brannstrom from HV71 [37:06] - 2017 Draft Spotlight: Czech prospect Martin Necas from Brno. [53:00] - 2017 Draft Spotlight: Defenceman and captain from Hermantown HIgh Dylan Samberg [1:10:32] - Final segment has Guy with a message to young players, new listeners and a preview of what's coming up soon.

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