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The Pipeline Show Clips - March 24th 2017
First Segment - 26:20 mins
Intro: Guy Flaming gets NCAA and WHL predictions from Taylor Medak while also setting up the rest of the show.
Guest 1: CHL Insider: Brendan Batchelor - 18:34 mins
Guest 1: Brendan Batchelor is the voice of the Vancouver Giants. He helps Guy set up the WHL Western Conference playoffs.
Guest 2 - CHL Insider: Corey Graham - 25:36 mins
Guest 2: The voice of the Edmonton Oil Kings, Corey Graham, helps Guy preview the WHL Eastern Conference playoffs.
Guest 3 - NCAA Update: Colby Cohen - 27:10 mins
Guest 3: ESPN analyst Colby Cohen helps Guy set up and predict the 2017 NCAA National Tournament.
Guest 4 - Inside the AJHL: Taylor Medak - 17:36 mins
Guest 4: Inside the AJHL with Taylor Medak brings everyone up to speed on the playoffs and league awards.
Pipecast - March 24, 2017 - 1:55:17 mins
Coming Down the Pipe(cast) [0:00] - Pipecast Intro [1:06] - Guy and Taylor kick things off [5:00] - Taylor's NCAA tournament picks [15:45] - Taylor WHL predictions [26:20] - CHL Insider: Brendan Batchelor (TSN 1040 / Vancouver Giants) sets up the WHL Western Conference playoffs [44:54] - CHL Insider: Corey Graham (TSN 1260 / Edmonton Oil Kings) sets up the WHL Eastern Conference playoffs [1:10:32] - NCAA Update: Colby Cohen (ESPN Analyst) previews the 2017 NCAA National Tournament [1:37:40] - Inside the AJHL: Taylor Medak updates the AJHL Playoffs and more. [1:51:20] - Goodbye and signing off

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